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Risk Reduction Program

Location Marietta 1755 The Exchange SE, Suite 375 Atlanta, GA 30339

The Risk reduction course is a requirement for a license reinstatement in the state of Georgia after alcohol or drug-related arrest/charge.

The Risk Reduction Program is a 20-hour course that is mandated by the Department of Driver's Services for driving-related offenses or driving under the influence of (DUI).

how to get enrolled into risk reduction program in Atlanta ga

The course is conducted offered at our Atlanta and Marietta locations on a weekly basis. There are two-steps to sign up for the course.

  1. The fee for the Needs Assessment is $100

  2. The fee for the 20-hour course is $260 It must be paid in advance of class attendance.

Certificate of Completion - DUI School Risk Reduction Program

The program is 20-hours and it is offered during weekends to allow participants the flexibility needed to

attend to daily responsibilities and commitments.

The program is governed by the Department of Drivers' Services. The fee of $360 is set by the State of Georgia.

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